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Holistic Alternatives

The Main Event Tantric Numerology & The Art of Love Fiesta
The Main Event Tantric Numerology & The Art of Love Fiesta
Click Image to enlarge
The Main Event Tantric Numerology & The Art of Love Fiesta
Click Image to enlarge
The Main Event Tantric Numerology & The Art of Love Fiesta
Click Image to enlarge

Tantric Numerology & The Art of Love Potluck Fiesta

We freely offer, our source document on our About Us page

Some will find it Totally Profound, and understandable.

Some may choose, experiencing it live, or via a webinar, suits them better.  

Cash or Barter: Supports The Dream Local Project

  1. The Main Event, Tantric Numerology & The Art of Love: = $432.00
    1. Live At The Conscious Life Expo Feb 22, 2019 in Los Angeles
    2. A 10.8% discount for Supporting us Now before January 1st 2019.
    3. Tickets to The Conscious Life Expo available soon
  2. Out or town, Live event Purchases indicate
    1. The need for a Hotel accommodation package
    2. The need for our Destination, to be in your neck of the woods. 
  3. Click For 2 to Take A Ride on our Peace Train Tour = $108.00
    1. Tantric Numerology & The Art of Love: A Dream Local & FriendsGiving, Fun-d-Raising Fiesta
  4. Peace Train tour, Scholarship Discount:  = $43.20
    1. Limited Quantities. Please be kind to those with limited resources
    2. Click Here For Scholarship
  5. Webinars Begin April 1st: = $4.32
    1. 50/50 split between The Current, and Future, Action Dreamers
    2. AKA The Dream It Forward Fund (DIFF) 
    3. Preorder now

Note to Traders:

This is our Registration Site as well as our Barter " Dream Bank"

Cash Purchases are accepted through our Facebook Account

$1 Barter & $1 US Dollar are of equal Value

Trade with our 50k members or Directly with us. Direct trades must be of equal value

Current Action Dreamers Projects

  1. Home away from Homeschools (Community space for the Like Minded)
  2. Food Bank Community Farms: Providing the necessities of life
    1. Food, Shelter, clothing, and Jobs giving "Purpose" to one and all.
  3. Clean Water for Jobs: Creating Jobs our of Alternatives to poisoning or water supplies
  4. Public Speaker and Life Coaching Fiestas: Sharing Love from a We First Paradigm
  5. Holist Wellness Center: Affordable nontoxic Healing

Tantric Numerology & the Art of Love: is our Twisted Perspective(TP) on;

  1. "The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. 
  2. The Golden Rule, Yin Yang, and Karma

Red or Blue P.I.L.L. Dear Precision Instruments of Love & Light

Spoons, Full of Organic Sugar, at the ready, for when were being More of a P.I.L.L. ,then an Instrument.

Barter Amount:  $432.00 USD
Qty on Hand:   432
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